Adult Performance Programs

The Core Fundamentals - Individualized Training

Off_season Training programs are created around the core fundamentals of nutrition, functional movement and managed recovery. In order to achieve maximum results, Power Tek Fitness builds training programs so that each athlete or client has a program tailored specifically to their individual goals. A sense of dedication and purpose is required before beginning any program in order to reach the desired goal, while nutrition and sound program design provides the foundational support to maximize the benefits of training. Functional Movement Assessment (FMA™) ensures that all exercises support the specific physical needs of athletes and clients, while recovery provides essential regeneration of muscles, allowing the body to re-energize and prepare for the next day's activity. We specialize in creating customized and integrated training programs with the injury history, training experience and goals of the client as the guiding parameters.

Functional & High-Performance Executive Fitness

Everyone wants to live with more energy and realize a greater quality of life and health - the key is exposure to a logically designed functional fitness program that improves health and makes you more resistant to injury. Although your needs may be different from a high-performance athlete, you still require strength, mobility and stability. Results oriented fitness with a purpose!

Performance Fundamentals

  • Functional strength
  • Mobility / Stability
  • Injury Resistance
  • Core Performance
  • Work Tolerance
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    "I have been training with Power Tek Fitness under Brad's tutelage for three years now. Although I have always made fitness a part of my life, I have found the functional training offered by Power Tek has increased both my strength and my endurance. The personal assessments Brad conducts reveal my weak areas which he then addresses by incorporating appropriate exercises into my training program. I recently had corrective surgery on my right shoulder and with Brad's training..."
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    - Carol Heard – Bodybuilder

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