Carl Coulter
CFL Veteran (15 years) - Grey Cup Champion
Hamilton Tiger Cats / BC Lions / Toronto Argonauts
& Saskatchewan Roughriders

"Fifteen years slugging it out in the trenches on the gridiron is not for the faint of heart. Playing on 5 different teams in 270 games, including 3 Grey Cups did not come easy. I however: was extremely fortunate to have had the guidance and knowledge of Brad Norris, founder of Power Tek Fitness, to help me compete in the toughest sport there is, professional football. Cutting edge strength and conditioning programs allowed me to compete at the highest level against the best in the country until the age of 39. The combination of speed, strength, agility, endurance, explosiveness, power and quickness I was able to attain through years of training and 1000s of hours in the gym, at the track and on the field was the key to my success. There is no doubt that without the expertise, support and genuine care that Brad provides to his athletes, that I would never have realized my dream of playing pro football. Now retired from football, I still rely on the people at Power Tek Fitness to help keep me healthy and strong well into my 40s."


Chad Brandimore
Fort Worth Brahmas / European Hockey League

"I played professional hockey in Europe and the United States for 13 years. I am certain that without the expertise of Brad and his team at Power Tek, I would not have been able to achieve my goal of playing professional hockey. Not only did the training and nutritional advice benefit my performance as a hockey player, but more importantly, it helped me excel and stay injury free throughout my entire career. My playing career has finished and I continue to use Power Tek and Myo Armour to help me live a strong, healthy, and balanced lifestyle. Thanks to the knowledge and dedication of Brad and his staff, I feel as good today as I did when I was 25. Brad and his team at Power Tek made my goals become reality and continue to help me enjoy every day with strength and confidence!"

Carol Heard

Carol Heard

"I have been training with Power Tek Fitness under Brad's tutelage for three years now. Although I have always made fitness a part of my life, I have found the functional training offered by Power Tek has increased both my strength and my endurance. The personal assessments Brad conducts reveal my weak areas which he then addresses by incorporating appropriate exercises into my training program. I recently had corrective surgery on my right shoulder and with Brad's training / treatment expertise, along with regular chiropractic care, my recovery time was greatly reduced and I was fully functional in record time. I would recommend Power Tek Fitness to every level of athlete, young or old, beginner to elite - Brad's vast knowledge and encouragement will not only ensure your success, but will help you exceed your training goals!"


Brock Ouellet
#27, Queen's Gaels

"The weight lifting and dryland training programs at Power Tek Fitness have helped me elevate my game to a new level. I have been training with Brad for ten summers, and working with him has helped me prepare for the upcoming hockey seasons. Through his guidance I have been able to achieve my goals of becoming a stronger and more conditioned athlete. His wealth of knowledge has also helped me to prevent injuries, learn the advantages of taking supplements and discover the benefits of proper nutrition. Each year I have improved thanks to Brad, and this has allowed me to compete at the OHL and CIS level for the Queen's Gaels."

Theresa Fierheller
Prior to my start of functional training with Power Tek Fitness, Brad conducted a personal assessment to fully evaluate my status and completely reveal my target areas. This allowed Brad to address these key locations and incorporate the appropriate exercises into my training program. Brad has a unique ability to provide an all-encompassing program to increase strength, stamina and promote a healthy lifestyle. His knowledge and dedication to fitness allows for a progression that keeps you engaged while moving to the next stage of training. Brad's understanding of nutrition coupled with the use of MYO Armour products provides a complete fitness package. I am now stronger and certainly healthier than I have ever been. Whether you are sport specific or training to increase overall fitness, I highly recommend Brad Norris and the Power Tek Team to any athlete. Brad's expertise and encouragement will give you the confidence to see tangible results and achieve true success.

Reagan O'Grady, Athlete Toronto Marlies Minor Midget Brendan and Lisa O'Grady, Parents
Reagan has been training with Brad Norris and Power Tek Fitness Family since he was 11 years old. There is nobody in the training industry that we as Parents trust more then Brad. His knowledge, work ethic that he instills and treatment of athletes is second to none. His passion and care for HIS athletes is what sets him apart from others in the industry. Brad has helped Reagan with his strength, work ethic and showing what it takes it be a elite hockey player amongst his peers. Reagan is very Proud to be apart of the Power Tek Family!! We as Parents would recommend Brad and Power Tek Fitness to anyone wanting to make it to the Next Level !


Nicole Bird

Nicole Bird
Police Officer and Multi-sport Athlete

The 3 most dreaded letters in sport: ACL
In 2011 an MRI confirmed what no athlete wants to hear. I had torn my Anterior Cruciate Ligament. I reached out to Power Tek Fitness and its founder Brad Norris to develop both my pre- and post-operative training strategies. He used functional assessments to identify biomechanical impairments which assisted in designing my individual program. Brad’s continuous evaluations during each of my training sessions allowed the program strategy and exercises to be modified up to the minute as my progression advanced. Kinesio taping improved knee tracking. Fascial Stretch and abrasion increased mobility. Acupuncture helped with pain control and swelling. These were all on site treatments used by Brad to accelerate the rehabilitation of my knee. After one year, not only did my injured knee regain its functional strength but I have been able to return to sport at my pre-injury level. I am certain that without Brad’s personal commitment to my rehab, this would not have been realized.



David Ablack, Steel Machine
D.C., M.Sc., B.Sc., B.Ed., CSCS

"I have known Brad for 20 years, as an athlete, a friend, and a colleague. He has an extensive knowledge and understanding of training principles for human performance and his teaching skills allow him to teach the training methodologies to the athlete efficiently and effectively. The athletes that I am involved with have benefited from Brad's training protocols; I would recommend anyone seeking to enhance their performance spend some time with Brad and Power Tek Fitness." (pictured with Jason Spezza - right)


Les Gilson
Sr. High Performance Manager - Rugby Canada
Former Head Coach - Ontario Blues
Former Head Coach - Brock University Men's Program
Former Coach - Ontario JR Provincial Program

"Power Tek Fitness has positioned itself as an elite strength and conditioning company in Ontario and Canada. Power Tek Fitness looks at the athlete from multiple perspectives – a multi - prong approach to athlete development optimizing functional stability, power and speed performance and strength. Brad has also redefined the treatment, management and prevention of injury. Most strength and conditioning practitioners work with athletes with general performance parameters in mind - Power Tek Fitness works with athletes using an Optimal High Performance model ! Power Tek Fitness has worked with a number of Rugby players who have played for me - after one year with Power Tek Fitness, all of the players showed drastic improvement in fitness levels and overall performance on the rugby field."


Cyril Sahadath
Head Coach, Pickering High School Track and Field Team
7-Time OFSAA Champions

"Brad has played an integral role in our success as a nationally dominant track and field program providing elite training and treatment strategies to a core of junior and senior athletes. His training guidance and on – site treatment and management has effectively optimized our performance and reduced injury – Power Tek Fitness has changed the way we prepare and train our athletes and has provided a key link in preparation for NCAA and International competition.


C. Kyle White: Stanford University
Sprints / Hurdles / High Jump Coach

"Brad Norris / Power Tek Fitness is one of the most valuable resources I have ever been associated with. I have relied on Brad and Power Tek Fitness every year, for all of my 17 years coaching in NCAA Div-1 and professional track and field.  With their advancement in functional conditioning and rehabilitation through every available modality, while relying heavily on educational functionality...Power Tek Fitness has led to my success, my athlete's success, and success at the institutions where I have coached. "You train animals, you teach athletes", sums up what Power Tek Fitness has contributed to the development of my career and success of my athletes. Besides the educational component, there is NO BETTER source for Speed, and Strength development and functional injury recovery at any level, in any sport. "  

Clarke J. Flynn
MBA, PICP, BioSignature, CFT - President and Founder, Flynn Training Systems

"I have known Brad for almost 30 years - first as a teammate on the Canadian Bobsleigh Team and later as a colleague in the strength and conditioning world. As a member of our team, he has assisted in the development of a wide range of curriculums relating to soft tissue release, periodization and strength and conditioning. His background as a competitive National team athlete with international experience, his educational background and expertise as an educational professional complement his extensive experience as a sports medicine professional and make him a valuable coach / advisor in the assessment / treatment and preparation of elite athletes, executives and recreational clients. When you have access to all of these tools and a network of other professionals in the industry at your disposal, it ensures that each person will be handled the most efficient way possible in order to get back in the game."

Chris Desouza

Chris Desouza
Christopher DeSouza, Ph.D.
University of Colorado
Department of Integrative Physiology

"Brad Norris and Power Tek Fitness represent the leading edge of human performance training. As a guest lecturer in the Department of Integrative Physiology, he has brought an undeniable level of expertise to the curriculum providing input with regards to the design and implementation of training strategies aimed at optimizing performance and reducing injury. The strength of his professional resume lies in his ability to grasp the science behind training adaptation - he has bridged the gap between theory and practice. His athletes' success speaks volumes about the strength and impact of his training approach and methods."


"The weight lifting and dryland training programs at Power Tek Fitness have helped me elevate my game to a new level. I have been training with Brad for ten summers, and working with him has helped me prepare for the upcoming hockey seasons. Through his guidance I have been able to achieve my goals of becoming a stronger and more conditioned athlete. His wealth of knowledge has also helped me to prevent injuries, learn the advantages of taking supplements and discover the benefits of proper nutrition..."
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- Brock Ouellet: Queens Gaels